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The Top 8 Best Kick Scooter Brands for Everyone For 2023

Uncover the best kick scooter brands through my extensive research. Get insights on the finest quality, design, and performance for an exceptional riding experience.

Do you want to purchase a kick scooter? But, feeling overwhelmed by all the choices? Many brands have emerged. It’s tricky to decide which one is best. This blog will help you learn about the best kick scooter brands. Get ready for the ride!

Top kick scooter brands list

Best kick scooter brands and their logos
Best kick scooter brands

What is a kick scooter?

A kick scooter, also known as a foot bike or push scooter, is a human-powered form of transportation. It has a platform for standing, two wheels, and a handlebar. To move it forward, you kick the ground with one foot while the other stays on the platform.

Kick scooters are popular. Kids and adults use them for recreation and short-distance commuting. They don’t need an external power source, so they’re environmentally friendly. Plus, they’re compact and light, so you can carry and store them easily.

When shopping for one, it’s important to consider things like durability, design, weight capacity, and performance. Brands like Razor, Micro Kickboard, Xootr, Hudora, LaScoota, Hurtle Scooters, and Mongoose offer high-quality scooters.

Besides being fun, a kick scooter also promotes physical activity. Riding one engages your leg muscles. This low-impact exercise helps improve cardiovascular health and strengthens leg muscles.

True story: I got a kick scooter as a child. I used it to explore places I couldn’t reach on foot. It gave me a sense of freedom and exhilaration. Now as an adult, I still take it for a ride down memory lane. Razor is a great brand for speed and excitement (and maybe a few bruises).

The Best Kick Scooter Brands

1. Razor kick scooter brand (Unparalleled Performance and Durability)

Razor scooter logo

Razor, a renowned name in kick scooters, stands out from the rest. Here’s why:

  • Their scooters are durable and crafted using top-notch materials for optimal performance.
  • Safety is a priority, with enhanced braking systems and sturdy frames for stability and control.
  • Innovative designs combine stylish looks and practicality, appealing to riders of all ages.
  • A range of models at different price points suits novices to experienced riders.

The customizable features let you personalize your ride. No surprise that Razors is among the best kick scooter brands.

2. Micro kickboard (Best Kick Scooter brands for Kids)

Micro kickboard brand logo

Micro Kickboard is a brand renowned worldwide for its innovative kids’ kick scooters. They’re known for their solid construct and smooth ride, popular among both children and parents.

Their range of scooters caters to various ages and purposes. With patented lean-to-steer technology, these scooters provide great stability and control – ensuring a safe and fun ride! Micro Kickboard is always striving to improve through rigorous testing and creative innovation.

Did you know? Micro Kickboard has scooped up multiple awards for their kick scooter designs – including from esteemed institutions such as the Toy Industry Association (TIA) and Parents’ Choice Foundation.

Hudora kick scooters: the perfect way to gracefully fall into your midlife crisis.

3. Hudora (Best kick scooter brands for Adults) 

Hudora brand logo

Hudora stands out as a leader in adult kick scooters. They provide a range of high-quality, long-lasting products. Their designs are innovative and performance is excellent for a comfortable ride. These scooters have sturdy construction, adjustable features, and safety measures.

They prioritize sustainability by using eco-friendly materials. Style, versatility, and excellent customer service come with a strong warranty. Hudora always keeps up with riders’ needs, introducing new models with improved features. This popular scooter brand is best choice for adult riders. Don’t miss out – go with Hudora!

4. LaScoota kick scooter brand (Embracing Eco-Friendly Solutions)

Lascoota brand logo

LaScoota, an acclaimed kick scooter brand, offers a variety of high-quality scooters for commuting. Notable features include sturdy construction, smooth maneuverability, adjustable handlebars, and reliable braking systems. These kick scooters have gained a lot of traction among city dwellers because of their durability and chic design.

  • They made the LaScoota scooters with robust materials for exceptional longevity.
  • Their handling and maneuverability provide a comfortable ride, perfect for navigating the urban jungle.
  • With adjustable handlebars, riders of different heights can find their ideal fit.
  • The braking systems on LaScoota scooters guarantee safe stopping power.
  • Their sleek designs make them the perfect choice for those seeking both style and functionality.

The LaScoota kick scooter brand is committed to eco-friendliness. They prioritize using sustainable materials, which helps reduce the environmental impact of their products. So, if you want to give something back to the planet while getting the most out of your ride, a LaScoota kick scooter is the way to go.

True History: LaScoota kick scooter brand began when its founders noticed a growing demand for efficient city transportation. Their mission was to create kick scooters that combined innovative design and superior engineering. Thanks to their dedication and hard work, LaScoota quickly gained a lot of recognition among commuters worldwide for its durability and user-friendly features.

To this day, the brand continues to innovate and push the boundaries while staying true to its original mission – providing riders with the best kick scooters for their commutes.

Mongoose kick scooter brand: Mongoose scooters are speedy and sure to turn heads – you’ll be cruising faster than the speed of light!

5. Mongoose kick scooter brand (Budget-Friendly Options Without Compromising Quality)

Mongoose scooters brand logo

Mongoose kick scooters are renowned for their stellar design, performance, and durability. Adults and kids alike can enjoy a smooth ride, precise steering, and reliable brakes. They build these scooters to handle regular use and give riders of all ages an enjoyable experience.

Check out the features of some of the Mongoose kick scooters:

ModelSuitable forMax Weight CapacityAdjustable Handlebar Height
Mongoose Expo Youth Kick ScooterKids175 lbsYes
Mongoose Elevate Duo YouthTeens220 lbsYes
Mongoose Trace Youth Kick ScooterAdults220 lbsYes
Popular Mongoose brand kick scooters

Mongoose scooters have quality components such as tough frames, comfortable grips, and efficient brakes. They made these scooters last and give riders a smooth, enjoyable ride.

Mongoose scooters also boast attention to detail in the design. They meticulously crafted each model for maximum comfort and control. The adjustable handlebar height lets riders find their ideal riding position.

The quality of Mongoose scooters is best highlighted in a real-life story. A group of friends got Mongoose scooters based on the advice of experienced riders. After months of regular use, the scooters were still reliable and durable, allowing them to have fun on various terrains. The friends were impressed with the performance and longevity of their Mongoose scooters and highly recommended them to others.

6. Xootr kick scooter brand (Premium Quality and Luxury)

Xootr brand logo

Xootr, a renowned brand for kick scooters, is renowned for its top-notch quality and trendy designs. Committed to excellence, Hurtle crafts high-end scooters with top-notch craftsmanship and innovative designs – making them a favorite among scooter riders around the globe.

Besides their fine build, Xootr kick they know scooters for their effortless and smooth rides. Loaded with advanced features, such as low rolling resistance wheels and precision steering systems, they offer a comfortable and enjoyable ride for everyone. Xootr kick scooters are known for their precision steering systems, which provide a smooth and stable ride.

But that’s not all! These scooters have a unique feature – foldability. We can easily fold them in seconds, making them perfect for urban commuters and travelers. This practical feature sets Hurtle apart from other brands in the market.

Pro Tip: Regularly check and maintain its components to maximize your Xootr scooter’s performance and extend its lifespan.

Xootr is a kick scooter brand that offers a variety of models for adults and teens. 

  • The Xootr Dash Kick Scooter is the latest model from the Xootr family of kick scooters. It has a lightweight aluminum frame, large polyurethane wheels, and a low-to-the-ground deck for a smooth ride. The scooter also features a rear fender brake and a folding mechanism for easy storage and transport.
  • The Xootr Mg Kick Scooter is a popular model among adults and seniors. It has a sturdy magnesium frame, large polyurethane wheels, and a wide deck for stability. The scooter can support up to 800 pounds and has a quick-click latch folding mechanism for convenience.
  • They built Xootr kick scooters with high-quality materials and durable construction. The scooters use the same frame structure and large polyurethane wheels across all models, ensuring a consistent and reliable ride.

Xootr kick scooters are known for their durability, stability, and smooth ride. They are a popular choice among adults and seniors who want a convenient and eco-friendly mode of transportation.

7. Hurtle kick scooter brand (Revolutionizing the Scooter Industry)

Hurtle brand logo

The Hurtle brand is a popular choice in the world of folding kick scooters. Its sleek design and strong construction offer superb performance and dependability. Their scooters stand out with user-friendly features, like adjustable handlebars and smooth rides. Perfect for both kids and adults, they boast innovative designs and attention to detail.

For quality, durability, and performance, Hurtle kick scooters provide amazing value.

1Built with top-notch components for long-term use, even in tough terrain.
2A wide variety of models to meet everyone’s needs and desires. Commuting or recreation, Hurtle has you covered. They also prioritize safety with features like non-slip decks and trustworthy brakes.
Benefits of Hurtle kick scooters

What makes Hurtle unique is its dedication to customers. Amazing customer service through online forums and helplines. They listen to customers and strive to make their products even better.

For the best Hurtle scooter experience, try these tips:

  • Regular maintenance: Keep your scooter clean and check tire pressure and lubricate parts.
  • Secure storage: Store your scooter in a safe place away from bad weather.
  • Accessories: Invest in helmets and knee pads for added safety.

By following these pointers, you can enjoy a safe, fun ride with your Hurtle kick scooter for years to come.

Swagtron kick scooter brands: Get swaggy with these scooters and show off your skills like a true scooter gang boss.

8. Swagtron kick scooter brands (Unmatched Style and Design)

Swagtron brand logo

Swagtron kick scooter brands are a popular choice for commuters who need reliable transportation. They prioritize safety with features like anti-lock braking systems and headlights.

They’ve become known for their cutting-edge designs since the start when they were introduced.

Look at the table below. It shows some key details for three Swagtron kick scooters:

BrandModelPrice Range ($)Weight Limit (lbs)
SwagtronSWAGTRON K5 3-Wheel Kids Scooter with Light-Up Wheels40-50110
SwagtronSwagtron K8 Titan Folding Commuter Kick Scooter for Adults & Teens80-90220
SwagtronSwagtron K9 Commuter Kick Scooter for Adults,100-120220
Swagtron brand kick scooters

Why did these brands make the list? It’s hard to choose between the top kick scooter brands. It’s like choosing between a kick in the shin and stepping on a Lego – painful either way!

Why These Brands Made the List?

These popular kick scooter brands earned their place in the top 8 best kick scooter brands. We looked at quality, durability, innovation, style, lightweight design, portability, performance, and off-road/urban suitability.

  • Technology: We rank higher among the Brands that consistently innovate and lead the way in terms of kick scooter technology.
  • Quality: Top brands typically require less maintenance and fewer parts’ replacement, making them more reliable and durable.
  • Performance: Brands that produce high-performance scooters that meet the needs of different riders, including kids, adults, and stunt riders, are chosen.
  • Safety: We rank higher the Brands that prioritize safety and reliability in their products.
  • Rider satisfaction: Brands that balance performance, weight, durability, cost, quality, size and rider loyalty to ensure rider satisfaction is the highest priority are on the list.
  • Reputation: Brands with an established reputation and rider loyalty are listed.

Folding mechanisms were key, making them commuter-friendly. Safety features like reliable brakes and sturdy construction were also considered.

These brands offer a range of high-end kick scooters with innovative features and cater to various budgets. So, quality and safety don’t have to be compromised.

When choosing a kick scooter brand, make sure it won’t break down!

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What to look for in a kick scooter brand?

They filled the market with several kick scooter brands, so choosing the right one can be tricky. To make sure you get a top-notch experience, there are five key factors to consider for top kick scooter brands:

  1. Build quality
  2. Design and features
  3. Safety measures
  4. Warranty and customer support
  5. Value for money

Also, consider the brand’s reputation, customer reviews, and spare part availability. Following these criteria will help you find a reliable scooter suitable for beginners and experienced riders.

Throughout history, we have used kick scooters for transportation. From kids’ playtime to adults commuting, these scooters have become increasingly popular. Thanks to advancements in technology, there are now various models to choose from. What sets the best kick scooter brands apart? Quality and performance.

What sets apart the top kick scooter brands?

Leading kick scooter brands stand out for their ability to provide innovative scooters that match riders’ needs. They focus on quality, durability, performance, safety, and design. These brands also provide a range of options to appeal to different riding styles. They often integrated smart technology into some models, with features such as mobile apps and GPS tracking.

Engineering graduates from a renowned university found one brand. They wanted to create a reliable, eco-friendly brand.

So why choose the best kick scooter brand? To avoid embarrassment, bruises, and damaged ankles. Life’s too short to ride a bad scooter!

Why choose The best kick scooter brands

Searching for the best kick scooter brands is essential in today’s digital age! Selecting a top-notch brand could bring many advantages and be a worthwhile investment. Here are some key elements to consider when choosing the perfect kick scooter brand:

  • Quality – Responsive design, durable materials, and strong construction are major factors when looking for a dependable kick scooter brand.
  • Safety – Going for a renowned brand makes sure they keep safety standards and regulations, providing peace of mind during rides.
  • Performance – A leading kick scooter brand will offer outstanding performance, like smooth rides, effective braking systems, and responsive handling.
  • Innovation – Major brands are always looking for new designs, tech, and features to improve user experience and outdo the competition.
  • Customer Support – Renowned brands try to give great customer support, with help with maintenance or responding to queries quickly.
  • Product Range – An extensive selection of models for different riding styles and ages means a flexible and comprehensive kick scooter brand.

Some of the best kick scooter brands may even offer eco-friendly varieties with sustainable materials or electric-powered models.

For those after reliability, performance, and a pleasant riding experience, choosing one of the top kick scooter brands is certainly a wise decision. Don’t miss out on the benefits of owning a first-rate kick scooter from a reputable brand – start exploring your options now!


The top 8 kick scooter brands are the best of the best! Each one has its special characteristics. So, it’s tough to decide which is the best kick scooter brand. Look at these choices to find the perfect kick scooter for you. Don’t miss out on the exciting feeling of riding an outstanding kick scooter!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the top best kick scooter brands?

    The top 8 best kick scooter brands are Razor, Micro, Xootr, Hudora, Mongoose, Hurtle, Swagtron and LaScoota.

  2. Which kick scooter brand is best for kids?

    For kids, the Razor and Micro scooters are highly recommended because of their durability, safety features, and wide range of options suitable for different age groups.

  3. Which kick scooter brand is best for commuting?

    For commuting, Xootr, LaScoota, and Hudora are known for their smooth rides, comfortable handling, and sturdy build, making them ideal choices for daily transportation needs.

  4. Are there any kick scooter brands specifically designed for tricks and stunts?

    Yes, Fuzion and Lucky are popular brands among riders who enjoy performing tricks and stunts. These brands offer scooters with reinforced decks, reliable brakes, and high-quality components to withstand intense riding styles.

  5. Which kick scooter brand offers the best value for money?

    Mongoose scooters are recognized for providing great value for money. They offer a good balance of quality, features, and affordability, making them a popular choice for budget-conscious riders.

  6. Are there any kick scooter brands suitable for adults?

    Hudora and Xootr offer a range of kick scooters specifically designed for adult riders. These brands focus on providing comfortable and efficient rides, with adjustable handlebars and larger decks to accommodate adult riders of varying heights.

Sarah is a mother of two kids. She has a daughter, Rachel, and a son, Noah. She is also a teacher by profession. She is an avid blogger and reviews scooters on her website, She loves to write articles and looking for more opportunities in her life. Loves to buy pro scooters for herself, her kids, her husband, and her friends so have a lot of experience with scooters.


Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter Review| Revolutionize Your Ride

Fuzion Z300 pro scooter review
Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter Review

Looking for an in-depth Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter review? Get the scoop on features, performance, and more in my comprehensive analysis of this stunt scooter.

I recently had the chance to try out the Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooters for Adults and kids and I wanted to share my thoughts on it. As an experienced rider, I always look for scooters that can keep up with my level and this scooter did not disappoint. Find the reviews of best Fuzion scooters here. So here is my Fuzion Z300 review.

Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooters

Fuzion Z300 pro scooter review
Fuzion Z300 pro scooter review

Pros and Cons

What I Liked

  • Solid design: The upper fork shaft is long and looks like it can handle a lot of abuse with stunts.
  • Durable construction: They build this scooter tough for rough kids. It can withstand hard riding and tricks with no issues.
  • Sleek and cool look: The sleek design with fresh graphics makes this scooter the envy of the skate park.
  • Easy assembly: It comes securely packaged to avoid any damage during shipping and requires minimal assembly. Just tighten two bolts and you’re ready.
  • Excellent customer service: The company offers a 6-month manufacturing warranty, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and has a responsive USA-based customer service department.

What Can Be Improved

  • Non-adjustable handles: The handles are not adjustable, which may be an issue for some riders who prefer a specific handle height.
  • Limited color options: While the colors are nice, it would be great to have more variety to choose from.

Quick Verdict

If you’re a beginner or an intermediate rider looking for a high-quality stunt scooter, the Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter is a superb choice. Its solid design and durable construction make it perfect for rough riding and tricks. The sleek look and easy assembly are additional bonuses. While it has a few limitations like non-adjustable handles and limited color options, it’s a top-notch scooter that will take your riding to the next level. Try it and experience the difference!

You can find the Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooters for Adults on Amazon.

Unboxing – What’s Inside?

I recently purchased the Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter for Adults from Amazon. Being an avid scooter enthusiast, it excited me to try out this new trick scooter. The delivery was fast, and I received the package in just a couple of days.

Upon unboxing the product, I found the following items inside:

  • Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter
  • User guide 
Specifications of the Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter
Frame MaterialAluminum, Alloy Steel
Wheel MaterialPolyurethane
Model NameZ300
Number of Wheels2
Weight Limit220 Pounds
Special Feature Lightweight
Age RangeYouth
Grip TypeErgonomic
Wheel TypeSolid
Wheel Size110 Millimeters
Handlebar TypeFixed
Item Weight 8.5 Pounds

User Guide

I found the Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter’s user guide extremely helpful. It contained detailed instructions on how to assemble and maintain the scooter, as well as safety guidelines for riding. 

Features – What I Found

Durable Construction

They built the Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter to withstand rough use, making it perfect for kids and adults alike. It features custom components such as solid 110mm alloy core wheels wrapped in 88A PU, a smooth, responsive nylon brake, and a chisel one-piece fork & steel bar with supports for a more comfortable ride. The deck is also ¼” wider than the previous model, providing extra stability. These high-quality materials and construction ensure that the scooter can handle any tricks or stunts that riders throw at it.

This scooter is ridden hard, just like the pros. It can endure the demands of advanced riders, making it an excellent choice for beginners and intermediates looking to improve their skills. The Fuzion Z300 is a durable and reliable scooter that can keep up with the toughest rides.

Pro-Tip: To maximize the scooter's lifespan, make sure to regularly inspect and tighten bolts, as well as perform routine maintenance such as cleaning and lubricating the wheels and bearings.

Sleek Design

The Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter features an ultra-cool design that will make riders the envy of the skate park. With its sleek graphics, new CNC head tube cut-out, and smooth glide, this scooter stands out from the crowd. It is available in multiple colors, allowing riders to choose their favorite style.

Not only does the Fuzion Z300 look professional, but it also performs exceptionally well. The sleek design is not just for show, it enhances the scooter’s aerodynamics and maneuverability, allowing riders to execute tricks and stunts with precision and style. Whether riding on the streets or at the skatepark, the Fuzion Z300 is sure to turn heads.

Contextual product_link: Purchase the Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter on Amazon

Easy Assembly

One common issue with stunt scooters is that they often arrive damaged or require complicated assembly. So, the Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter addresses these concerns. They securely packaged it to ensure it arrived in perfect condition, leaving no room for disappointment.

Assembly of the Fuzion Z300 is a breeze. When the scooter arrives, the only thing that needs to be done is tightening two bolts. It is dialed and ready to ride, saving you time and frustration. This user-friendly assembly process allows riders to quickly get on their scooters and start riding.

Wide Weight Capacity

The Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter is not only suitable for kids and teens but also for adults. It has a weight capacity of up to 220 lbs, allowing riders of all ages to enjoy its high-performance capabilities. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced rider, this scooter can accommodate your needs and provide a smooth, comfortable ride.

Pro-Tip: To ensure the best performance and safety, always check the weight limit and guidelines specified by the manufacturer and avoid exceeding them.

Quality Support and Warranty

Fuzion stands behind the quality and durability of its Z300 Pro Scooter. It comes with a 6-month manufacturing warranty, ensuring they cover you for any defects or issues. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee, providing peace of mind with your purchase.

Fuzion has a US-based customer service department, ready to assist you with questions or concerns regarding the scooter. They dedicate their knowledgeable and friendly team to providing excellent support to ensure customer satisfaction.

With the Fuzion Z300, you can ride with confidence knowing that you have the support and warranty from a trusted brand. You can buy this scooter as a present for kids.

My Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter Review 

My Score for Fuzion Z300.

As an avid scooter fan, I recently purchased the Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter, and it exceeded my expectations. This scooter is perfect for beginners and intermediate riders, offering a smooth and comfortable ride. The solid design and custom components make it durable and able to withstand rough rides and stunts. The 110mm alloy core wheels wrapped in 88A PU provide excellent traction, while the chisel one-piece fork and steel bar offer stability and control.

My Score

Comparing the Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter with Other Stunt Scooters

Fuzion Z300

Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter

Lucky Covenant Complete Pro Stunt Scooter

Lucky Covenant Complete Pro Stunt Scooter

Envy Prodigy S8 Complete Pro Stunt Scooter

Envy Prodigy S8 Complete Pro Stunt Scooter

Vokul K1 Pro Stunt Scooter

Vokul K1 Pro Stunt Scooter

Deck19.5″ x 4.5″20.5″ x 4.8″19.5″ x 4.7″20.7″ x 4.5″
Bars23″ x 22″25″ x 24″24.4″ x 22″21.5″ x 20″
Weight8.5 lbs8 lbs7.7 lbs9 lbs

What sets the Fuzion Z300 apart is its sleek design and fresh graphics, making it the envy of the skate park. The CNC head tube cut-out adds a unique touch, while the choice of colors allows you to personalize your scooter. Easy assembly is another plus, as the scooter arrives securely packaged and only requires tightening two bolts. The 6-month manufacturing warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee provide peace of mind.

The Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter is a high-quality, durable, and stylish scooter that offers an excellent riding experience. Whether you’re a teenager, an adult, or just starting, this scooter is built to last and take your riding to the next level. After reading my Fuzion Z300 pro scooter review don’t settle for cheaper options that sacrifice safety and performance. Invest in the Fuzion Z300 Scooter and enjoy an elite-level stunt scooter at a reasonable price. Get yours now and experience the difference!

Continue Reading


Mongoose Rise 100 Pro Review: A Great Scooter for the Price

Mongoose rise 100 pro review
Mongoose Rise 100 Pro Review

Explore the Mongoose Rise 100 Pro Review – Unbiased Insights, Features, and Performance Analysis. Your ultimate guide to this top-rated scooter.

The Mongoose Rise Youth and Adult Freestyle Stunt Scooter is something I recently had the chance to test out, and it’s been quite the experience. I was eager to test this model and see how it performed because I am a devoted scooter enthusiast. In this Mongoose Rise 100 Pro review, I’ll discuss my impressions of the scooter, point out its advantages and disadvantages, and quickly assess whether it’s a good option for your own scootering experiences.

Top Product

Mongoose Rise Youth and Adult Freestyle Stunt Scooter

High Impact 110mm Wheels, Bike-Style Grips, Lightweight Alloy Deck, Multiple Colors
  • Lightweight alloy deck with extended standing area
  • Full-coverage MaxGrip on the alloy deck and steel brake
  • One-piece 540mm x 578mm welded steel T-Bar
  • Quadruple anodized clamp collar with Threadless headset
Mongoose rise 100 pro review
Mongoose rise 100 pro review

Pros and Cons

What I Liked

  • The lightweight alloy deck provides an extended standing area and enhances park performance.
  • The full-coverage MaxGrip on the alloy deck and steel brake ensures a smooth, non-slip riding experience.
  • The one-piece 540mm x 578mm welded steel T-Bar handlebar with bike-style grips offers durability and comfort.
  • The quadruple anodized clamp collar and Threadless headset deliver precise and crisp steering.
  • The heavy-duty frame of the Mongoose Rise can accommodate riders ages 8+ up to 220 pounds, making it suitable for both youth and adult riders.

What Can Be Improved

  • The scooter is not as lightweight as advertised, making it slightly less maneuverable compared to other scooters in the same category.
  • Some customers have reported minor issues with the quality of certain components, such as grip feel, paint defects, and low-quality bearings.

Quick Verdict

The Mongoose Rise Stunt Scooter offers a solid performance for riders looking to engage in park-style scooter activities. With features like a lightweight alloy deck, bike-style grips, and a heavy-duty frame, it caters to both youth and adult riders. But, the scooter may not be as lightweight as expected and there have been some reports of minor quality issues. If you’re looking for a dependable scooter at a reasonable price point, the Mongoose Rise is worth considering. You can find more information and purchase the scooter here.

Unboxing – What’s Inside?

I have just bought the Rise 100 Pro variant in Black/Red of the Mongoose Rise Youth and Adult Freestyle Stunt Scooter from Amazon. My son and I were eager to use this scooter for some outside fun because I live in the USA. I received it in a short time after ordering thanks to the quick delivery.

Upon unboxing, I found the following items inside the box:

  • Mongoose Rise Scooter

Here are the specifications of the Mongoose Rise Pro Scooter:

ManufacturerPacific Cycle, Inc.
Model NameRise 100 Pro
Model Year2020
Frame MaterialAlloy Steel
Wheel MaterialAnodized alloy
Number of Wheels2
Weight Limit220 Pounds
Age RangeYouth; Adult
Warranty Description1 Year Limited Warranty
Brake StyleRear Braking
Grip TypeBike Style Grips
Suspension TypeFront Suspension
Handle Height540 Millimeters
Handlebar TypeFixed
Item Weight9.5 Pounds

Documentation/ User Guide

The scooter came with a user guide which was quite helpful in getting familiar with the Mongoose Pro scooter and its features. It provided step-by-step instructions on assembly, proper usage, and maintenance. If you need any help, you can refer to the user guide here.

Features – What I Found

1. Lightweight Alloy Deck with Extended Standing Area and Front and Rear Alloy Pegs

The Mongoose Rise Youth and Adult Freestyle Stunt Scooter features a lightweight alloy deck that not only provides durability but also enhances the scooter’s performance. Its extended-standing area allows riders to have greater control and stability while performing stunts and tricks. The front and rear alloy pegs enable riders to tackle pro-style park performance with ease.

Pro-Tip: When using the alloy pegs, distribute your weight evenly to maintain balance and prevent the scooter from tipping over.

2. Full-Coverage MaxGrip on Alloy Deck and Steel Brake

Equipped with full-coverage MaxGrip, the alloy deck of the Mongoose Rise scooter offers excellent traction and grip, ensuring a non-slip riding experience. This feature is especially beneficial for performing tricks and stunts that require precise foot placement. The steel brake adds further control and enhances safety while riding.

Pro-Tip: Before attempting any tricks or stunts, check and maintain the quality of the MaxGrip on the alloy deck for optimal performance.

3. One-Piece 540mm x 578mm Welded Steel T-Bar Handlebar with Bike-Style Grips

They equipped the Mongoose Rise scooter with a one-piece 540mm x 578mm welded steel T-Bar handlebar that provides superior durability and stability. The bike-style grips on the handlebar offer a comfortable grip, ensuring riders can maintain control and maneuver the scooter easily. This feature is important for riders who engage in intensive stunts and tricks.

Pro-Tip: To enhance grip and reduce the risk of slipping, consider adding grip tapes or gloves to the bike-style grips.

4. Quadruple Anodized Clamp Collar with Threadless Headset

They designed the scooter with a quadruple anodized clamp collar, which provides secure and precise steering control. The threadless headset ensures a smooth and crisp steering experience, allowing riders to navigate corners and turns effortlessly. This feature is essential for riders who require precise control and responsiveness. The 110mm high-impact alloy wheels are a standout feature, offering superior durability and excellent traction. These wheels, coupled with durable ABEC-7 bearings, provide an incredibly smooth and non-slip riding experience.

Pro-Tip: Regularly check and tighten the clamp collar to maintain stability and prevent any potential steering issues.

5. Heavy-Duty Frame for Riders Ages 8+ and Up to 220 Pounds

They built the Mongoose Rise scooter with a heavy-duty frame, making it suitable for riders ages 8 and above, weighing up to 220 pounds. The sturdy construction ensures the scooter can withstand frequent use and various stunts. Whether you’re an adult or a youth, this scooter is designed to handle the demands of freestyle riding.

Pro-Tip: To ensure the longevity of the scooter, regularly inspect the frame for any signs of wear and tear, and promptly address any issues.
Deck4.5″ wide x 19.5″ long4.5″ wide x 19.5″ long5″ wide x 19.5″ long
Bars22″ high x 18″ wide21″ high x 23″ wide23″ high x 21″ wide
ForkThreadless steelThreadless steelThreadless steel
Wheels110mm high-impact alloy core110mm high-impact alloy core120mm high-impact alloy core
Weight7.5 lbs8 lbs7.3 lbs
Maximum Rider Weight220 lbs220 lbs220 lbs

My Mongoose Rise 100 Pro Review

My Score: 91.0

Having used the Mongoose Rise 100 Pro Scooter for a while now I am thoroughly impressed with its performance and build quality. The lightweight alloy deck with its extended standing area and front and rear alloy pegs truly enhance the park’s performance, giving me the feeling of a pro-style scooter. The full-coverage MaxGrip on the alloy deck and steel brake provide excellent traction and control, ensuring a smooth, non-slip riding experience.

The one-piece welded steel T-Bar handlebar with bike-style grips is not only durable but also comfortable to grip, allowing for precise and crisp steering wherever I go. The Quadruple anodized clamp collar with Threadless headset adds to the overall stability and control of the scooter. I also appreciate the fact that it can withstand riders up to 220 pounds, making it suitable for both youth and adults.

I highly recommend the Mongoose Rise 100 Pro Scooter. For fans of scooters, it’s a good pick because of its durability, performance, and stylish style. For anyone seeking a high-quality scooter, I think it is an excellent investment because of its affordable pricing and the security of the Mongoose brand. You can find the product here.

Best combination

If you want to amp up your scooter game and take it to the next level, I highly suggest considering the Universal Pro Scooter Stand along with the Mongoose Rise Stunt Scooter. They specifically designed this scooter stand to fit the most significant scooters with 95mm to 120mm wheels, making it the perfect match for the Mongoose Rise 100 Pro with its high-impact 110mm wheels.

Why should you buy this scooter stand? Well, not only does the Universal Pro Scooter Stand provide a safe and convenient way to store your scooter when you’re not riding. But it also offers a range of benefits for scooter enthusiasts like yourself. With its sturdy construction and adjustable design, this stand ensures your scooter is securely held in place, preventing any accidental falls or damage. Its compatibility with a wide range of scooter wheels makes it a versatile choice for scooter riders of all ages and skill levels.

Investing in the Universal Pro Scooter Stand is a smart move because it offers an efficient storage solution and helps prolong the lifespan of your scooter. By keeping it off the ground and in an upright position, you can prevent unnecessary wear and tear on the wheels and other components. Having a designated spot for your scooter will keep it organized and easily accessible, saving you time when you’re ready to hit the streets.

Make the most out of your Mongoose Rise scooter and enhance your riding experience with the Universal Pro Scooter Stand. It’s the perfect addition to ensure the longevity and proper care of your scooter. It allows you to enjoy countless hours of freestyle stunts, tricks, and exhilarating rides. Buy this stand now and take your scooter adventures to new heights!

I hope you enjoy my Mongoose Rise 100 Pro Review, in which I offered my observations.

Mongoose Rise 100 Pro Scooter

Scooter for everyone.

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The 22 Best Pro Scooters at Amazon 2023

Seeking the best pro scooters at Amazon? Envy Scooters, Lucky Scooters, and Root Industries are just a few of the top brands that our knowledgeable team has thoroughly investigated and assessed. We have a scooter that is ideal for everyone, from beginners to experts. Shop online for best complete pro scooters that are dependable, comfortable, and strong enough to handle all of your tricks and stunts.

Man performing tricks on best pro scooters
22 Best pro scooters at Amazon

Pro scooters are a particular class of recreational vehicle built for trick and stunt riding. They are frequently constructed from premium materials and have cutting-edge features like reinforced decks, strong handlebars, and robust wheels. Best pro scooters that are dependable, comfortable to ride, and tough enough to resist the demands of tricks and stunts are the best.

Man performing tricks on best pro scooters
The best pro scooters for 2023

We picked out the 22 best pro scooters for you and made it easy for you to select your favorite best scooter brands. The top best pro scooters are:

Our Top Pick:

Fuzion X5

Fuzion X-5

  • Quick & Easy Assembly
  • Strong & Durable
  • Skatepark & Street Use
  • Ages 7+ Years Old
  • Wheels need to be used carefully

Runner Ups:

Envy Scooters, Lucky Scooters, and Root Industries are a few of the leading names of the pro scooter brands. These manufacturers provide a wide selection of scooters that are appropriate for riders of all experience levels, from amateurs to experts. There is a pro scooter that will suit your needs whether you’re a novice or an experienced rider seeking to advance.

When it comes to choosing the best pro scooters for your needs, there are tons of factors that one should consider. Here on our blog, there are many pros and cons. This will determine whether or not one should buy it.

If you want to replace your scooter wheels only then you should check out the article about the best pro scooter wheels.

The 22 Best Pro Scooters of 2023

Here are the 22 best cheap pro scooters under $200 you’ll ever need in your life. These best pro scooters help you to provide a comfortable and safe ride. You can ride everywhere, even if you are on a road with rough conditions.

If you want to buy best pro scooters, then check out below the top 22 cheapest pro scooters for yourself. After doing a lot of research about the best pro scooters. We have tried these scooters in different skate parks, along the streets, and on sidewalks with children and adults. I highly recommend that you check out my article about the buying guide for the best pro scooters before making a purchase.

Comparison Table for the Best Pro Scooters

1. Fuzion X-5 Pro Scooter

Brand name of Product: Fuzion

The weight limit for the product: 220 pounds.

Age: This product is for youth 

Main features: Pro Scooter has Fuzion premium parts and 100mm aircraft-grade aluminum wheels. 

Product Description

These are best pro scooters for adults and kids up to 8 years old , teen boys, and girl.

What are the components of the Fuzion X5 Pro Scooter?

The product Fuzion X5 pro scooter has upgraded components, which are found only in the high price range. They are light in size and have the best durability. You can start your own Fuzion X5 pro scooter anytime and anywhere.

The aluminum wheels of the Fuzion x5 pro scooter 

The Fuzion x5 pro scooter has 6061 aluminum core wheels. They specially designed these 6061 aluminum wheels with a higher rebound cast for control and speed.

What are the newly upgraded specs of the Fuzion X5 Pro Scooter?

The pro scooter Fuzion X5 has very durable and noise-free new nylon and steel custom brakes. It has very high reinforced tensile steel V bars. The new Fuzion has 100mm 5 – spoke aluminum core wheels made with cast PU.

Fuzion X5 scooter’s dialed threadless headset and its durability.

The Fuzion X5 pro scooter has a 3d brand new stamped steel faze fork, and it also has a new highly smooth IHC compression system.

Easy to assemble 

You can start riding within no time by just tightening the three bolts, and then you are ready to go.


  • Light in weight
  • Easy to assemble
  • Long lasting
  • 6061 aluminum core durable wheels
  • Comfortable grips on handlebars


  • Wheels need to be used carefully

Our Recommendations

We have tested these Fuzion X-5 best pro scooters, they are light in weight. It comes in a low price range with unique features. These best pro scooters have high-quality V-shaped handlebars with a comfortable grip. It is the best stunt scooter for 12 year old.

The amazing and perfect 100mm aluminum wheels are used for greater speed. The rider can ride a scooter easily and fast. Fuzion is one of the top pro scooter brands on the market.

2. Envy Scooters Prodigy S9

Envy Scooters Prodigy S9 Complete Scooter (Black/Oil Slick)

I’ve had the chance to test and try out many of the scooter models on the market because I’m an experienced rider. The Envy Prodigy S9 Pro scooter has wowed me in ways I never anticipated since I recently got my hands on one. The S9 Pro has distinguished itself as a top pick for riders of all skill levels thanks to its stylish appearance and comfortable ride as envy is one of the best scooter brands.

View full review of Envy prodigy S9 pro scooter here.

Build Quality

The aircraft-grade aluminum deck on the Envy Prodigy S9 Pro scooter is both lightweight and incredibly strong. The bars have a superb blend of strength and flexibility because they are composed of high-quality steel. It is designed to last and withstand use-related wear and tear.


The S9 has excellent handling. Due to its excellent responsiveness, it is ideal for performing a variety of feats. The S9 will make it seem straightforward to perform backflips or tail whips. The scooter offers to handle and is designed for riders at the pro level.


The 120mm alloy core wheels that come with the Envy Prodigy S9 are incredibly quick and smooth. Additionally, the wheels feature buttery-smooth ABEC-9 bearings, which make it simple to maintain speed and control. The high-quality parts work together to deliver a comfortable and responsive ride.


The Envy Prodigy S9 Pro Scooter has a sleek, contemporary exterior. With its distinctive appearance and graphics on the deck, it stands out on the streets. The scooter has a premium appearance and is well-designed.


  • Stylish and sleek design
  • Light weight
  • Very durable
  • Excellent responsiveness


  • Price is a bit high

Our Recommendation

The Envy Prodigy S9 Pro Scooter is a top-of-the-line model that provides a ride that is genuinely professional level and is built to last. It is the ideal choice for seasoned riders searching for a high-performance scooter because of its excellent build quality, handling, components, and design.

3. VOKUL K1 Pro Scooters

Brand name of the product: Vokul

Product Description

Here we have given reviews of the products and their quality and durability. These are best intermediate pro scooters and beginner freestyle scooters.

Best and Warranty Service 

The Vokul k1 Pro scooter is very light in weight. It is for adults and kids too. The Vokul K1 pro scooter also provides a complete 6-month warranty for manufacturing defects. And they provide excellent customer service. So, order now it’s risk-free.

Is it suitable for kids?

The Vokul K1 pro scooter is perfectly suitable for kids. Those kids who like to do tricks like a double backflip, bar spin, and bar spin scooters are so light in weight that you can do the hard ride too.

This scooter has noise-free brakes. They made the deck of the Vokul K1 pro scooter of aluminum T6061. And the wheels of the Vokul K1 pro scooter are 110mm solid alloy neo chrome.

Smooth glide

The Vokul K1 pro scooter has the highest precision. Because they equipped it with ABEC-9 bearings. They wrapped the handlebars of the Vokul K1 pro scooter with very thick 145mm soft rubber grips. That makes the rider more comfortable.

Easy to assemble 

This Vokul K1 pro scooter comes with a gif design and is securely packaged to avoid upset. It is already dialed. The 3-bolt clamp prevents the scooters from being damaged.


  • 6 months Warranty service
  • High-quality ABEC bearings
  • Easy to assemble
  • Smooth glide
  • High-quality 145mm soft grips
  • Available for kids and adults


  • A little pricey

Our Recommendations

We have tested the VOKUL K1 best pro scooters. And it is the best pro scooter that gives you a smooth ride. And it is sturdy for adults. More than 25,000 people found this product helpful. If you are looking for a pro scooter only for kids, then scroll down below. There are many options available for a kid’s scooter.

4. Albott Pro Scooters Trick Scooter

The brand name of the Product: Albott Pro Scooters.

Limited weight of the scooter: 220 pounds. 

Age: Youth

Product Description

They made these best pro scooters for beginners, adults, teen boys, and girls. Here below we have talked about the details of this stunt scooter of 2022.

What are the upgrade species of the scooter?

The threadless headset of the Albot Pro scooter is very easy and reliable, with an HCI compression system. It has an aluminum triple clamp, which makes the Albot pro scooter so sturdy. Albot pro scooters have ABEC-9 bearing smoothness, which is excellent for beginners.

Age range 

They specially designed the Albot pro scooter for beginner riders to help them to improve their skills. It’s only designed for teen adults in the age range of 8 to 14.

How Stable is this, Scooter?

The Albot pro scooter has 4.9 TPE grips and high tensile steel bars that give you a very comfortable and safe ride. These best pro scooters have very great, very fast braking speeds and have greater strength than the Pro MN steel flex brake. The deck of the albot is made of 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum in a box shape.

How are the wheels of the Albot Po scooter?

The 88A cast PU surface and 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum core wheels are durable. And wear resistance is great. They are much better than the PC wheel core.


  • Best for beginners
  • 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum core wheels
  • 4.9 TPE grips of high-quality steel bars


  • No warranty services

Our Recommendation

We have tested these adult stunt best pro scooters because they are very easy to assemble. It has amazing product quality. Just make sure before riding to double-check all the wheels. And tighten the bolts.

It is solid and of good quality. But the wheels of the scooter are a little noisy.

5. Lithium Complete Scooter

Brand name of the product: Root Industries 

Material of wheels: Aluminum

Type of Handlebars: Fixed

Length of the Handlebar: 25 inches 

Color of the Product: Lotus SE

Product Description

Here we share some more details of the Lithium pro stunt scooter. This is a professional scooter for all age riders. It’s a pro scooter for kids and adults.

Durable and light in weight 

So, all the products of Root Industries are very durable and light in weight. The design of the products is so attractive. So, it is easy for you to do tricks because it is light in weight.

Easy to unbox

The products of the root industries are 95% assembled at unboxing. They have very fast lightning handlebars. There is no need to install lining and other spacers in it.

What are the upgraded species of lithium?

The lithium pro scooter has extra wide 120mm to 30mm wheels with very fast ABEC-11 bearings with high tensile axles. The pro scooter lithium has high-quality nylon brakes.

It has a super smooth 2mm concave AIR headset. The decks of pro scooter lithium are 123mm to 525mm forged lithium decks. The angle of the headtube is 85.2 degrees. It has very super soft grips with the system of HCI compression blend of functionality and curb appeal.

Warranty service

The root industries also provide warranty services to their customers. They will solve the issue if there is any problem with the product.


  • Warranty service
  •  85.2 angle of the head tube
  • Super soft grips
  • Light in weight
  • Attractive design


  • It is not foldable

Our Recommendations

We tested the Lithium Complete, the best pro scooters. It’s the best trick scooter of 2022. You can ride every day at the stake park. The root industry provides you with the best and most professional warranty service. If there is any issue with the scooter, we can easily recover this early.

6. Gotrax Vibe Electric Kick Scooter

Brand name of the product: Gotrax

Age: Youth

The weight limit for the product:176 Pounds

Product Description

We have shared more details about the Gotrax Vibe Electric Kick Scooter. It’s a foldable commuter trick scooter. These best pro scooters are for teens and kids. It’s an electric Best Pro Scooter.

Comfortable and Safe ride

The Gotrax Vibe Electric Kick Pro Scooter provides an updated and pro-LED headlight, which helps to ride safely at night as well. This scooter also provides you with anti-locking electric brakes. They are very excellent at performance.

Suitable for kids and teen adults 

The Gotrax Vibe electric kick scooter comes with some very amazing features for kids and adults. This scooter provides you with a powerful 200-watt motor. That easily helps you travel up to 7 miles at a top speed.

Easy to carry and Foldable

The Gotrax Vibe electric kick scooter has a 20.9 lb weight. It is easy to fold and carry. You can put it anywhere in the car, in the office or at school.


  • Easy to carry
  • Foldable scooter
  • 200 w powerful motor
  • Suitable for kids and adults


  • Avoid ride in heavy rainstorms

Our Recommendations

We recommend this product because it is very light in weight. It is easily foldable and portable. It has a very powerful 200W battery. Limited colors are available in this pro scooter.

7. LaScoota Professional Scooter

Brand name of the product: Lascoota

Material of the wheel: Polyurethane

Product Description

It’s the best foldable kick scooter for indoor and outdoor fun. This scooter is for ages 6+, adults, and teens. Here below we mention more details of the LaScoota pro scooter.

 Design for kids

This laScoota pro scooter is especially for kids only. It motivates the kids to go out and have fun. You can play with your neighbors’ friends or go to school on this as well.

Provides Full Safety

It provides you with heat-treated, high-quality brakes and non-slip decks that help you travel easily.

Portable scooter 

This scooter is easy to store, portable and foldable. They designed this scooter for kids. And also, has carrying straps with it.

Easy to adjust

This pro scooter has 3 options for height adjustment. You can adjust the height up to 37, 35, and 39. They make sure that you can ride easily. 


  • Adjustable height
  • Easy to store
  • Designed for kids
  • High-quality brakes
  • Non-slip decks


  • A little pricey

Our recommendation

 When we tried the La Scoota best pro scooters, we figured these are easy to carry. It is easy to use and very high quality. It also provides carrying straps. 14,0000 plus people highly recommended it. You can also read about the difference between a normal scooter and a stunt scooter here.

8. SKIDEE Scooter for Kids

Brand name of the product: SKIDEE

Type of the Handlebar: Adjustable 

Product Description

This foldable best pro scooter is for ages 6–12. It is for intermediate-level riders. Here are some important details about the pro scooter.

First-class portability

The craft of the scooter and its transferable design help you compress the scooter into a small size. It is easy to carry anywhere. This best pro trick scooter also has a foldable handlebar. It decreases the size of the scooter by 10 lbs. 

Convenient to everyone 

People of all ages can use this scooter. Whether you are a learner or learning how to ride, or as a teenager or an adult, you can easily ride this pro trick scooter. It also has an adjustable handlebar height. You can expand it and transfer it to any other place.

 Safe Riding 

This scooter has upgraded wheels with a highly super Pu Cast 8. It also has an upgraded suspension with anti-shocking. These upgraded wheels and anti-shock suspension work as a shock absorber. It limits the swaying of your best pro scooter. You can also write on a rough and bumpy surface.


  • Adjustable handlebars
  • Upgraded wheels
  • Best for beginners


  • Bit heavy for 5 years age kids

Our Recommendations

We recommend this scooter because it is easily adjustable. It provides you with high stability, which avoids accidents. So, you are looking for a pro scooter for kids. This is the best and most highly recommended scooter for kids.

9. Aero Big Wheels Kick Scooter

Brand name of the product: Aero Mobility

The weight limit for the product: 220 pounds 

Major feature: Foldable 

Product Description

This kick-pro scooter is for kids 8 years old and up. And teens, a 12-year-old youth, and adults. It’s a foldable commuter kick pro scooter. Here we discuss more details of the pro-kick scooter. which are given below.

Adjustable and foldable

This Aero big wheel kick pro scooter is easy to store and portable. It has a patented folding mechanism. You can adjust the handlebar of the scooter from 37.3 to 41.3.

Special features of the pro scooter

The Aero Kick Pro scooter has highly durable grips and highly responsive hand brakes. It also has super large brakes. It also has a built-in shock absorber for uneven surfaces.

Highly wide and low deck

This aero kick pro scooter has a 5.5″ wide dick and a 3.5″ low deck. It provides you with greater safety and stability. These low and wild dicks give you a greater experience of riding.

Warranty service

Aero mobility offers you a 100% guarantee. You can easily ask about the quality of the product and service via email or phone number.


  • Highly wide and low deck
  • Warranty service available
  • Adjustable
  • Easy to store


  • Don’t ride in rainy weather

Our Recommendations

We have examined these best pro scooters. These are fun scooters for kids. They help them learn balance and steering control. The handlebars work so well. It is easy to store anywhere.

10. Chilli Reaper

Brand name of the product: Chilli Pro Scooter

Age: Teens

Product Description

This stunt pro scooter is for intermediate and beginner levels. Below, we have discussed the product’s development and its principal features.

How are Chili Pro Scooters developed?

They developed the chili pro scooters for all ages of people with the goal of a very high-end stunt scooter lineup. It is easily ridden by everyone. We spend the day and night in the development, designing, and testing of the product.

Age limit 

This Chili pro scooter can be easily used by beginners as well as by professional riders. It is very light and highly powerful for doing all the tricks.

Height and wheels of the scooter 

This chili pro scooter has 110 mm standard wheels. And the height of the pro scooter is about 84cm. You can also ride this scooter with 220m wheels. The highest point of height from the deck surface is 76cm.


  • 110mm standard wheels
  • 84cm height
  •  76cm deck surface
  • For all ages of people


  • A little pricey

Our Recommendations

We have tested the Chili Reaper, the best pro scooters. And it is very good in shape. It is built so well and solidly. It is sturdy and best for beginners to do tricks.

11. Hurtle Renegade

Brand name of the product: Hurtle 

Age limit: Adults 

The weight limit for the product: 9.96 pounds

Product Description

These best pro scooters are for teenagers. They are foldable adult kick scooters. Here below, we have discussed the principal features of the product to make it easier for you to select the trick scooter.

Which technology is used in this pro scooter?

The advanced lean-to-steer technology is used by this Hurtle pro scooter. It is safety-certified and fully lab-tested. You can go in any direction easily. It is best stunt scooter for 12 year old.

They used which feature for handlebars?

This scooter uses the T-Bar handlebar with an adjustable feature. You can adjust the height of the scooter in three different styles. It gives you a comfortable and safe ride.

Easy to carry 

They designed this pink color pro scooter with an amazing feature. You can easily fold it and you don’t need to use any kind of tools. The weight capacity of the pro scooter is up to 220 Lbs.


  • Easy to carry
  • Adjustable T-Bar handlebars
  • Lean to steer technology is used


  • Not for kids

Our Recommendations

 We have tested this best pro trick scooter. And they built it in top quality. It is easily adjustable, and it has up to 220 lbs. weight capacity. It provides you with a comfortable and safe ride.

 12.  Ride VOLO Pro Stunt Scooter

Brand name of the product: Ride VOLO

Age limit: All ages above 8.

Material of the product: Polyurethane

Product Description

Here, we have discussed the advanced-level design of the product. And its height, weight, and decks of Ride VOLO scooter. It’s a perfect freestyle scooter for adults and teens.

The best pro design of the product

This scooter has very high tensile steel v-bars and also has an aluminum alloy fork. It also has 110mm aluminum core wheels. And a 5.5-inch-wide deck. The weight load of the pro scooter is 220 lbs.

What is the design of the body of a scooter?

The Ride VOLO pro scooter has a rainbow chrome body. It has unique cool graphics, clamps, and electroplated rainbow rims body. It also has unique, vibrant colors. You can fly high by riding the Ride VOLO T03 stunt scooter.

Ride safely 

This pro scooter also uses high-quality ABEC9 bearings that glide silently and smoothly. You can ride like a pro safely on this pro stunt scooter.


  • Unique and cool graphics
  • Cool clamps
  • Electroplated rainbow rims body
  • 5.5-inch super wide deck
  • High tensile steel V bars


  • A bit heavy for kids

Our Recommendations

We have tested and examined the Ride VOLO best pro scooters. The width of the stunt scooter handlebar is so perfect. The Steel V-bars allows you to do advanced tricks. We are sure you are not going to regret it.

13. Caroma Complete Pro Scooter

Brand name of the product: Caroma

Product Description

Here below we discuss the forks, decks, bars, and weight of the scooter. It’s a beginner’s freestyle stunt scooter. It’s for ages 6 plus.

Design of the pro scooter 

This pro-packed scooter has very custom parts that everyone wants. This scooter is designed so attractively with a custom neck, and 3d strong stamped forks. And has smooth bearings with a solid deck.

Decks and wheels of the scooter

This pro scooter provides 110mm wheels with high resilience and durability. They made the wheels of the scooter of PU+PC. Whereas the deck is about 19.9 L and made with very cool patterns. It will help the rider to learn the stunt safely.

Forks and bars of the scooter

You can easily do some cool stunts. And we can rotate handlebars up to 360 degrees. It has ABEC-7 bearings and a steel fork for smooth and stable riding. It has very smooth and comfortable rubber grips.


  • 3d stamped forks
  • Smooth bearings
  • Solid deck
  • High durability
  • Comfortable rubber grips


  • Only two colors available

Our Recommendation

We have tested the Caroma Complete best pro scooters. The bearing on the wheels is so good. It also has a smooth, quiet roll. The sturdy nature of the scooter inspires confidence in the rider.

14. Lucky Crew Complete Pro Scooter

Brand name of the product: Lucky pro scooter

Material of wheels: Polyurethane

Product Description

 It’s the best trick scooter for beginners level. Here we will discuss the important details of the pro lucky crew scooter.

Certified product

The worldwide pro riders who do the tricks on the scooters choose this pro scooter. World champions, side walker riders, and rippers trust this scooter.

Warranty service 

This lucky pro scooter provides you with a 180 days warranty. These scooters are tested and designed in the US. It provides you with good product quality.


  • Trusted by world champions
  • 180 days of warranty service
  • Designed in the US


  •  A little bit heavy

Our Recommendation

We have tested the lucky crew’s best pro scooters. They are easily assembled by the kids too. They are expensive and also have good quality. You can use the lucky crew pro scooter in the parks. And it is easy to carry.

15. Mongoose Rise Freestyle Stunt Scooter

Brand name of the product: Mongoose

Age limit: All ages above 8.  

Product Description

 It’s the best freestyle cheap pro scooter of 2022 for adults. Here below we have discussed the weight, grips, and other important features of the Scooter.

Light in-weight deck

This scooter has a very lightweight alloy deck. You can also perform the pro-style tricks with the front and rear pegs.


  • 8 years plus riders can ride
  • Heavy duty frame which allows 220 pounds weight


  • A bit heavy for kids

Our Recommendation

 We have tested Mongoose Rise’s best pro scooters. You can perform pro-style tricks easily with this pro scooter. It is highly recommended by 5000 plus customers. You can easily trust our recommendation. This Freestyle Stunt Scooter quality will never disappoint you.

16. Arcade Pro Scooters

Brand name of the product: Arcade

Material of wheels:    Polyurethane

Product Description

 This best trick scooter is for intermediate boys and girls. Here we briefly discuss the design and service of the pro trick scooter. 

Best pro service

This arcade pro scooter provides you 30 days back money guarantee. It is very light in weight. It is specially designed for kids as well as for pro riders too.

Design of the scooter 

So, this pro scooter is designed so smoothly for both kids and adults too. It has a wider deck, smooth bearings, and a custom neck. And also upgraded handlebars.


  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • Designed for kids as well as for pro riders
  • Super wide deck
  •  Upgraded handle


  • A little pricey

Our Recommendation

We have tested Arcade’s best pro scooters. It is well manufactured. The style and quality of the scooters are extraordinary. The colors of the stunt scooter are the best.

17. ARCADE Rogue BMX Pro Scooter

Brand name of the product: Arcade 

Age limit: All ages above 7

The color of the product: Red and black

Product Description

This best stunt scooter is for beginners’ boys and girls, from ages 17 and up. Here we will discuss the design and features of the pro scooter.

The design of the scooter 

This scooter is designed to be very light in weight. Both boys and girls can ride this scooter. And they hold the scooter up to 140 lbs. They specially designed it for beginners.

The Color of the Pro Scooter 

This scooter is available in many different colors. It is available in teal, blue, red, and purple also.

Low price rate

Some people mostly like to buy a scooter that is not so high in rate. So, this pro scooter with amazing features is available at a very cheap rate.


  • Available in different colors
  • Low price rate
  • Light in weight
  • Designed for beginner


  • No warranty services

Our Recommendation

We have tested the ARCADE Rogue BMX, the best pro scooters of 2022. The Arcade Rogue BMX pro scooter is easy to assemble. We use it for jumping and hard landing tricks. The material of the scooter is solid. Its weight limit is 120 lbs. It’s safe and sturdy for beginners to use at a skatepark.

18. APOLLO Genesis X Pro Scooters

Brand name of the product: Apollo

Name of the model: Genesis X

Material of the wheel: Alu Core, Premium PU Wheels

The frame of the wheel: Aircraft Aluminum Alloy

Product Description

It’s a complete pro-best trick scooter for professional riders. Here below, we have mentioned the quality of the scooter. And also, the designing of the pro apollo scooter.

Best Quality Scooter 

This pro scooter is very light in weight and also high-end robust. The aluminum fork of the pro scooter is so highly stable and with an ICS system. it also has a high-speed ball bearing. And also has an aluminum core PU wheel.

Design of the scooter 

They designed this scooter with a 50 to 10-cm deck. And reinforced with chrome steel T-bars. They designed this best trick scooter for both indoor and outdoor areas.


  • Lightweight Scooter
  • High-speed ball bearings
  • High-quality aluminum core wheels
  • Design for indoor and outdoor


  • High in price

Our Recommendation

We have tested the APOLLO Genesis X best Pro Scooters scooter of 2022. This pro scooter provides a high-quality product and also outstanding customer service. It has great workmanship and solid materials are used for the construction of the scooter.

19. Madd Gear Carve Pro Scooter Complete

Brand name of the product: Mad gear

The weight limit of the scooter: 220 pounds

Name of the model: Carve pro

Color of the product: Green and Black

Product Description

This best pro stunt scooter is best for beginner’s level. Here below, we have discussed the development of the Mad Gear Pro Scooter.

 Quality of the Scooter

This pro scooter has built-in outstanding functions that are only ridden by pros and has a two-piece pro clamp handlebar that will extend to 30 degrees. And has also soft and comfortable grips.

Pro Crave stunt scooter

This Madd Gear Carve pro stunt scooter is specially designed for inexperienced riders. The Madd gear carve is a pro scooter with a total height of 30 inches and a wide deck. They perfectly balanced it for the younger riders.

Warranty service for customer

This Madd Gear Carve Pro Stunt Scooter provides us with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty. The local USA support office registers it.


  • Designed for pro riders
  • Pro clamp handlebars
  • High-quality soft grips


  • Not designed for beginners

Our Recommendation

We have tested Madd Gear Carve Pro Scooter Complete – Stunt Scooter for kids. This Mad gear pro stunt scooter is available high in quality. And also, it is highly durable. It also has a very good grip. The quality will amaze you.

20. Madd Gear Kick Extreme Pro Scooter Complete

Brand name of the product: Madd Gear

Name of the model: Kick Extreme

Material of the frame: Aluminum

Material of the wheel: Aluminum

Product Description

This best trick scooter is perfect for intermediate and professional-level riders. Here we have discussed the details of the scooter. You will know about the quality and durability of the Scooter.

Quality and durability of the Pro Scooter

High quality and durability backs the reputation of the full-size. This stunt pro scooter is ready to ride on your skatepark.

Enjoyable Ride

The K-2 ABEC-7 bearings and 110mm 5-spoke aluminum core give the rider an enjoyable and smooth ride.


  • Warranty service
  • Enjoyable and smooth ride
  • High in quality


  • Expensive

Our Recommendations

We have tested Madd Gear Kick Extreme’s best pro scooters. This is for kids. It also provides warranty service to the customer. The kids easily balanced it.

21. APOLLO Genious 4.0 Pro Scooters

Brand name of the product: Apollo

The weight limit for the product: 220 pounds

Product Description 

It’s a cool trick scooter for adults, teens, and kids. Here we have discussed the best features of the Apollo pro scooter used for teens, adults, and kids.

Perfect for freestyling

This pro scooter is best for adults and kids. You can go to school. You can also do freestyling, and bar spinning. And many other tricks with your friends.

The TPR apollo super grips

To control the instability and unbalancing of the scooter. They coated it with a non-slip coating. It provides you with a stronger grip, even on dangerous turns. You can safely ride on uneven surfaces.


  • Designed for indoor and outdoor skateparks
  • Designed by German engineers
  • Aircraft aluminum alloy wheels


  • Low durability in brakes

Our recommendation

 We have tested this pro stunt scooter. It is super lightweight and sturdy, and it comes pre-assembled. It is very cheap in price. You can ride very smoothly.

22. Fuzion X-3 Pro Scooters

Brand name of Product: Fuzion

Weight of the product: 7.1 Pounds

Age: Product is for 7 years and up

Main features: Pro Scooter has Fuzion premium parts and 100mm aircraft-grade aluminum wheels. This is the top-selling pro scooter on Amazon, America’s favorite.

What are the components of the Fuzion X3 Pro Scooter?

The PRO X-3 has up-grade components, which are found only in the high price range. They are light in size and have the best durability. You can start your own Fuzion X3 pro scooter anytime and anywhere.

What are the newly upgraded specs of the Fuzion X3 Pro Scooter?

It has an aircraft-grade aluminum deck, high tensile steel V-bars, 100mm cast PU wheels with FUZION-metalized ABS composite cores, and a durable, noise-free nylon/steel FUZION-custom brake.

Fuzion X3 scooters dialed threadless headset and its durability.

 New IHC compression system with sealed bearings and FUZION’s new 3D-stamped steel FAZE fork.

Easy to assemble 

You can start riding within no time by just tightening the three bolts, and then you are ready to go.


  • Noise-free nylon/steel brake
  • Light in weight
  • Easy to assemble
  • Long lasting


  • Wheels need to be used carefully

Our Recommendations

We have tested this stunt scooter; it is light in weight. It comes in a low price range with unique features. It has a high-strength steel handlebar fitted with FUZION’s composite pro grips, giving maximum control and comfort.

We use the amazing and perfect 100mm aluminum wheels for greater speed. The rider can ride a scooter easily and fast.

After buying a scooter, you should always remember to wear protective gear while riding on a scooter.


The best pro scooters blend comfort, quality, and longevity. There is a pro scooter that is ideal for you, regardless of your riding experience or desire to advance to a higher level. It might be difficult to choose the correct scooter with so many different brands and models available. However, by taking into account elements like your riding style, skill level, and spending limit, you can select a scooter that suits your demands and enables you to advance your riding. So don’t put it off any longer; get the best pro scooters for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Do Pro Scooters Cost?

A1. The cost of pro scooters depends upon your interests and budget. The scooters that are built for tricks or for more advanced riding are costlier than the ones that are built for beginners. So, if you are a beginner, you can buy the scooters recommended for beginners in the article for you.

Q2. What distinguishes a pro scooter from a regular scooter?

A2. The cost of pro scooters depends upon your interests and budget. The scooters that are built for tricks or for more advanced riding are costlier than the ones that are built for beginners. So, if you are a beginner, you can buy the scooters recommended for beginners in the article for you.

Q3. What distinguishes a pro scooter from a regular scooter?

A3. A scooter that can withstand significant impacts and be used for freestyle tricks is called a pro scooter. For practicing the tricks you’ve always wanted to learn, these scooters have been designed to be safe, dependable, and comfortable.

Q4. Can grownups ride pro scooters?

A4. Pro scooters can be used by adults. Some models, with their higher-quality materials and larger sizes, are actually created specifically for adults. I have listed in the article above.

Q5. Are pro scooters good for commuting?

A5. Yes, pro scooters are good for commuting because they are easily secured and easy to carry as well. They are loved by high school and college students. They make it easy for them to commute, and it is also good for the environment.

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Scoot in Style: Apollo Stunt Scooter Genius Pro Review

Scoot in Style Apollo Stunt Scooter Genius Pro Review
Apollo Stunt Scooter Genius Pro Review

Need a new stunt scooter that can do it all? Check out our Apollo Stunt Scooter Genius Pro review – the perfect scooter for beginners and experts alike!

Today, I’ll be sharing my thoughts and giving an APOLLO Stunt Scooter Genius Pro review. They designed this scooter for adults, teens, and kids who love to do tricks and stunts. It’s a fantastic and stylish scooter that you can use for both freestyling at the skate park and everyday commuting.

Pros and Cons

What I Liked about Apollo Genius Pro 4.0

  • Freestyle and everyday companion: Whether you’re riding at the skatepark, in the driveway, or heading to school, this scooter offers a smooth and enjoyable experience. It’s great for learning new tricks and stunts.
  • Made from aircraft aluminum alloy: The scooter’s deck is made from high-quality aluminum used in aviation, making it sturdy and lightweight. The wheels with ABEC 9 bearings are fast and reliable.
  • Finest German engineering: The APOLLO Genius Pro scooter is durable and edgy. The attention to detail and quality engineering make it stand out among other scooters in the market.
  • Specially designed for stunts: This scooter is perfect for both indoor and outdoor skate parks. It’s stable, reinforced with a Chrome Steel handlebar, and can handle jumps, grinds, turns, twists, and more.
  • Non-slip coated grips: They equip the handlebar with non-slip coated grips, providing you with a firm hold and excellent control during your rides.

What Can Be Improved

  • Quality issues: Some customers mentioned that the scooter’s bottom cracked after a few months of use. Although this doesn’t seem to be a common issue, it’s something to be aware of.
  • Inconsistent customer service: While most customers had positive experiences with Apollo’s customer service, a few mentioned delays or lack of responsiveness.

Quick Verdict for Apollo Genius Pro 4.0

If you’re looking for a pro scooter that can handle tricks and stunts, the APOLLO Pro Scooter Genius 4.0 is a solid choice. It’s well-designed, durable, and offers a smooth ride. The scooter’s aircraft aluminum alloy construction and unique features make it stand out among other scooters on the market. While there have been some quality and customer service issues reported, the overall positive reviews and features of this scooter make it worth considering. Check it out on Amazon to see if it’s the right fit for you.

Unboxing – What’s Inside?

As someone who loves doing tricks and stunts on scooters, I recently purchased the APOLLO Genius Pro 4.0 from Amazon. Living in the USA, I ordered the scooter and was pleasantly surprised by how fast it arrived at my doorstep. The delivery took just a few days, allowing me to enjoy my new scooter in no time.

When I unboxed the scooter, I found the following items inside:

  • The APOLLO Genius Pro 4.0
  • Handlebar
  • Wheels (already attached to the scooter)
  • User Guide (which we will discuss later)


Here are some key specifications of the APOLLO Pro Scooter Genius 4.0:

Frame MaterialAluminum, Alloy Steel
Wheel MaterialAluminum
Model NameGenius Pro 4
Number of Wheels2
Weight Limit220 Pounds
Special FeatureLightweight
Age Range (Description)Youth, Adults
Package Weight4.1 Kilograms
Grip TypeTPR
Wheel Type High Rebound PU Wheels
Wheel Size4 Inches


The user guide provided with the scooter has been incredibly helpful. It contains simple instructions on how to assemble and maintain the scooter, ensuring a safe and enjoyable riding experience. The guide also includes valuable tips and tricks for improving scooter tricks and stunts. 

Features – What I Found

Durable and Versatile

The APOLLO Pro Scooter Genius 4.0 is a durable and versatile scooter suitable for teens, adults, and kids. Whether you want to perform astonishing tricks and stunts at the skatepark or use it as an everyday mode of transportation, this scooter can handle it all. Its sturdy construction ensures that it can withstand the demands of freestyling, as well as daily commuting to school or cruising around the neighborhood.

With a load capacity of up to 220 lbs, both kids and adults can confidently ride this scooter without worrying about its stability or durability. The aircraft aluminum alloy deck provides a lightweight yet sturdy platform for riders to perform tricks and stunts with ease. The scooter features 100mm PU wheels with ABEC 9 high-speed ball bearings, which offer a smooth and fast ride on various terrains.

Pro-Tip: To ensure the longevity of your scooter, I recommend regularly checking and tightening the triple-bolted handlebar clamp and maintaining the bearings for optimal performance.

German Engineering and Design

The APOLLO Pro Scooter Genius 4.0 stands out with its finest German engineering and design. Designers and engineers have meticulously crafted the scooter to offer an edgy and stylish look while delivering exceptional performance. It is a scooter that not only lasts long but also helps riders progress to the next level of their skills.

The attention to detail in the design is clear, making this scooter a pro-level choice among friends. From the chrome steel handlebar to the reinforced construction, they carefully choose every component to provide stability, durability, and flexibility during jumps, grinds, turns, twists, and complicated stunts. Take pride in your APOLLO Stunt Scooter as you showcase your skills and enjoy the unique look and feel it offers.

Check out the product link to see the scooter and its German craftsmanship in action.

Specially Designed for Stunts and Tricks

The APOLLO Pro Scooter Genius 4.0 is specifically designed for those who love the thrill of performing stunts and tricks at skate parks, half pipes, rails, stairs, pools, and kickers. Its construction and features make it an ideal choice for riders seeking stability and support while pushing the boundaries of their riding skills.

The scooter’s reinforced chrome steel handlebar and stable frame ensure a safe and secure ride, giving riders the confidence to experiment with various stunts and tricks. Its specially designed structure allows for quick and controlled maneuvers, making it easier for riders to execute complex moves and land smoothly. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, this scooter offers the right balance of control, maneuverability, and stability to enhance your performance.

Non-Slip-Coated Grips for Total Control

To guarantee total control over the scooter, the APOLLO Pro Scooter Genius 4.0 features non-slip-coated grips on the handlebar. These TPR Apollo-Super-Grips are ribbed, offering a firm and comfortable grip that ensures riders can hold on securely during demanding twists and turns. With this level of control, riders can confidently take on any ramp or obstacle in any skate park.

The non-slip coating not only enhances grip but also provides additional safety, reducing the risk of accidents caused by slipping hands. Whether it’s performing tricks or navigating through tight turns, riders can rely on the secure grip provided by the non-slip-coated grips for a more precise and enjoyable riding experience.

Aircraft Aluminum Alloy Deck for Performance

The deck of the APOLLO Pro Scooter Genius 4.0 is made from aircraft aluminum alloy, which is renowned for its strength and lightweight properties. They commonly use this material in aviation, highlighting the scooter’s commitment to durability and performance. The aluminum deck offers a solid and reliable platform for riders to perform various tricks and stunts.

The lightweight nature of the deck allows for swift and agile movements, making it easier to control the scooter during complex maneuvers. The deck’s robust construction ensures that it can withstand the rigors of freestyling and everyday use, providing riders with a reliable companion for their riding adventures. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced rider, the aircraft aluminum alloy deck delivers the performance you need.

Comparing Apollo Genius Pro 4.0

Comparison of APOLLO Pro Scooter Genius 4.0 with Other Popular Scooters

Apollo Genius Pro 4.0

APOLLO Pro Scooter Genius 4.0

Razor A5 Lux

Razor A5 Lux Scooter

Fuzion X3

Fuzion X-3 Pro Scooter

Suitable forTeens, adults, and kidsKids and adultsKids and adults
Weight Capacity220 lbs220 lbs220 lbs
Deck Size20″ x 4.4″21″ x 4.5″19.5″ x 4″
Handlebar Size23″ x 22″Adjustable18″ x 22″
Wheel Size110mm200mm100mm
BrakeSteel flex brakeRear fender brakeNylon/steel brake
Price Range$100-$200$80-$100$50-$100

Concluding Apollo Stunt Scooter Genius Pro Review

My Score: 98.0

After purchasing and using the APOLLO Pro Scooter Genius 4.0, I can confidently say that it is an excellent product. From its sleek design to its durable construction, this scooter exceeded my expectations. The aircraft aluminum alloy deck and sturdy aluminum rims with silent PU wheels make for a smooth and comfortable ride. I have put this scooter through various tricks and stunts at skate parks, and it has held up remarkably well with no issues.

The German engineering behind this scooter truly stands out. A lot of thought and care went into its design, making it both stylish and long-lasting. The non-slip coated grips on the handlebar provide a secure and comfortable grip, allowing for complete control during turns and twists. The scooter is stable and reinforced, making it perfect for jumps, grinds, and complicated stunts.

Remember to read my Apollo stunt scooter genius pro review then choose based on your specific requirements, and enjoy the exhilarating ride experience these scooters offer. I highly recommend the APOLLO Genius Pro 4.0 to anyone looking for a reliable and high-quality stunt scooter. Whether you’re a teen, adult, or kid, this scooter will not disappoint. Its durability, performance, and attention to detail make it a worthwhile investment. You can find more information about the product and make a purchase here.

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